Saturday, April 28, 2012

River Quilt goes to Denver

The Rambling River quilt is on it's way to Denver for the Denver Mancuso show.  Show dates May 3-6, 2012
Let us know if you see it there.

Our World really connected continents

Mannwells Coffee Alley was the location for a fund raiser for  ieftz or Indigenous Education Foundation of Tanzania creates opportunities for education for high school students and one of the young ladies from the Washington area is a co-director (Quinn Brady).  Two students are here in the US being sponsored by various families and going to school.  The students, the founders of ieftz and many who love and support Quinn were celebrating and the World Quilt was the backdrop.  It was perfect. 
If  you would like to know more about ieftz go to
If you would like to know more about Quinn go to

Saturday, April 7, 2012

World quilt at Mannwell Coffee Alley

Judy and hung the world quilt at the local coffee shop in Washington, MO.  It looks fabulous against the brick wall.