Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Self Portrait Challenges

We decided to do two short term challenges and only have 6 months to complete them.   The first is the self portrait challenge and the other doing a one block wonder inspired quilt using the same fabric.
Here is Wendy's self portrait and artist statement:

"My self-portrait is about two activities that describe and sometimes consume me -- quilt art and the practice of tai chi. The improvisational log cabin blocks are made from two silks. The solids are silk scraps from the installations at the 2012 St. Louis Chinese Lantern Festival where my group participated in the 100 Man Tai Chi Demonstrations. The patterned silk is from yardage dyed with men's silk ties. The photographs are printed on organza. Three of the photos show various elements of the Yang 32 Sword Form. The final photo is a standing meditation...with a "nod" to ironing since that, and sewing, can be meditative. The quilting is done with invisible thread."
Yes, that is an iron

Here is Jane's self portrait and artist statement:
This is for everyone we have ever let into our lives.....good or bad....we are changed and we can choose to embrace those traits or learn who we don't want to be like.
So, one should read this poem with someone in mind, then read it again with someone else in mind.
A first love, my newborn child, someone that doesn't treat you with respect, a best friend, an expected grandchild.
This is a love poem to those who have helped us carve out the person we are today. BRING ON TOMORROW !

Cathy did this for her self portrait and artist statement:
"My self-portrait represents my heritage from both sides of my family. My maternal grandparents immigrated from Scotland just before my mother was born. And my father's family was originally from Austria and married into the Citizen Band Potawatomi Tribe of Shawnee, Oklahoma. Therefore, my 'portrait' shows my dual heritage of Sunbonnet Sues holding their mutual quilt - representing their shared passion. The fabric used for the Scotland Sue is my family tartan, the Gunn plaid. The fabric used for the Native American Sue is the same fabric used for my regalia worn at various Pow Wows in the area."

Klonda's self portrait and artist statement:
"I decided to "go out of the box" and my comfort zone and try and do a realistic self portrait rather than a cartoon look. I kept seeing articles about portraits using Marilyn Belford's technique and book.

Marilyn's technique is a process of creating a fabric portrait requiring no paint and achieved strictly with fabric. It is a step by step process using fusible web, fabric and thread painting. Using a photograph that you posterized on your computer then choose and apply fabric. Next bring the fabric to life with thread painting"